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Keeping The Best Interest Of Your Children At Heart

Understandably, the most difficult decisions people make involve their children. While the goal is to protect them, it is not always so simple. RCC Family Law has helped clients throughout Florida. We can explain your options when it comes to the law and determine how you should move forward.

Experience In A Range Of Practice Areas

Our attorneys pride ourselves on their ability to keep clients involved and informed throughout the process. From establishing paternity to parenting agreements, you will always know what is coming your way. Children tend to do best when timesharing is safely established between both parents and a clear schedule is set. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. While we will always attempt to solve issues amicably, we will do what is right for our client.

Our skills extend beyond child custody. We also assist with parental alienation and international child abduction cases. We have recently learned groundbreaking information involving the effects alienation can have on a child. While these problems used to be resolved through therapy, they are finding that it may not be so simple. When it comes to abduction cases, we know the stress you are facing after your child has been ripped away without your consent. We will take the actions necessary to get them back to a safe place.

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With these situations, they very quickly become complex. It is important to have an experienced attorney from the get-go. Call our office in Coral Gables at 305-859-0844 to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help. You can also fill out our contact form online.