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Client Testimonials

“Richard Preira is a brilliant attorney and is surrounded by a caring and professional team. My divorce experience with RCC Family Law was exceptional. Mr. Preira’s professionalism, legal expertise and brilliance is totally unmatched. He not only has a kind and gentle manner, but is able to turn up the heat when warranted. His superior legal experience and unique strategies made him ready and always one step ahead of any challenge. I felt compassion, kindness and support from Mr. Preira throughout my divorce. I could not have asked for, of a better group of people to work with and to be on my side. I cannot possibly thank Richard Preira and his great team enough for giving their all in doing the very best for me. I will be eternally grateful!” – Joanne

“Rick is a great listener. From our first meeting, he worked to understand my situation, and guided me through the difficulties of my divorce. Legally, he offered a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge. Personally, he offered great insight and was available at all hours to lend an ear and advice. I am grateful for all he did to resolve my situation.” – Nick

“Going through a divorce is never easy and is often messy. Through the entire process, Richard and is team were very professional and understanding. Their attention to detail and case preparation was outstanding. Now that the dust has settled and my divorce is in the rear-view mirror, I can honestly say that hiring Richard Preira and his team was one of my best decisions.”– Mark

“Richard was able to do the magic for me. My case was very complicated and everything needed to be handled quickly. His team set up a meeting with me on very short notice and he proceeded to fight for my best interests, always providing me with appropriate advice. I am grateful to Richard and his team for the excellent and professional service and personal approach to me and my case!” – Alexa

“Rick was concerned with my best interests from the moment that he took my case. He is an amazing, well-educated attorney with a great team behind him! He goes above and beyond to make sure the Judge understands the facts and what is truly going on. Rick is well respected by the legal community and I would highly recommend him and his amazing team. I am so grateful for everything that Rick and his team are doing for me and my son!” – I.B.

“Richard and his team were outstanding in helping me throughout my divorce. He is professional, experienced and very knowledgeable in the field. Richard was always responsive to my needs, assertive and reacted strongly when my husband misbehaved, which was virtually all the time. Richard was sensitive, thoughtful and detailed. He kept me informed at all times and helped me through the most painful time in my life. I am grateful to have found him and his team.” – Jennifer

“Richard is a thorough and competent professional. He handled my divorce with efficiency and dedication. I always felt that my best interests were being represented and all the loose ends were being tied in my favor.”– Monica

“Richard is a superb family law attorney who will undoubtedly be of tremendous benefit to your case, as he was in my case. Rick is an exceptionally bright litigator, with creative, sophisticated legal strategies that seem to flow out of his mind effortlessly. He is very responsive, easily accessible and is super cordial. Believe me, it is not every day that one finds all of these qualities in one attorney! And if he is on the other side, I would definitely worry…” – Anonymous

“Mr. Preira is extremely knowledgeable in the family law field and handled my case with the utmost care.” – Bernard Matz