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Understanding Nuptial Agreements

Nuptial agreements are meant to protect both parties involved. In order to do so, a knowledgeable attorney is required. RCC Family Law has over 50 years of combined experience helping clients throughout the state of Florida. We can discuss all of the possible solutions and determine what will work best for you and your partner.

Why Do We Need One?

Prenuptial agreements are a great option for couples who are about to get married. This proactive approach can save you from making difficult decisions down the road. Furthermore, they are tailored to you and your specific needs. It can list out everything from property to assets, spousal support payments and more. It can be helpful because you are thinking with a clear head, instead of someone who is navigating a complicated divorce.

Postnuptial agreements can be made anytime after you are married. Whether it is one year or ten years, it does not matter. That being said, it has the same purpose as a prenuptial agreement. It can protect your interests and investments moving forward. While couples can agree on the terms of both these arrangements, having a lawyer is essential. You could both make mistakes that will hurt you later on. Our attorneys can explain your options, help you form clear cut answers and make sure both parties can feel comfortable moving forward.

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